Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Happy Super Sunday.... Let's make it a blesssed day!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reflection Wednesday!!

In the midst of what has proven to be a tiring day of not knowing which way to go or which task to complete first, I had to stop and breath.  I had to take time out to reflect on the fact that God gave me the health and strength to see another day no matter how chaotic it may seem God gave me another wonderful day.

Yes there are times that my day does not go exactly like I would like and sometimes I do like many others feel like giving up but I am often reminded that my life still has purpose and God has a wonderful plan for me and my business.  I just have to plan and then work the plan. My message to you as that you understand life will not always be perfect but you can have a perfect plan to not give up. #MyWednesdayRefection

Friday, April 6, 2012

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Pro Can You Go?? Yes I Really Want to Know!!!

Hello there, Naomi Thompson here to relay a message to you about Network Marketing and how to be a pro.   Network Marketing has become very cumbersome to many; henceforth the spark has gone.    I know because I have been there.  Trying to keep up with the Jones’ is a thing of the past, so to speak.  What works for others may not work for me.  Trust me I had to learn that the hard way.

What you need to know to be a pro does not involve a lot of techie stuff.  But the biggest thing that it does involve is being you.   Individuals who you decide to partner with want to see the real you.   People like to know your message because often that serves the purpose of helping them.  When they see the real you they understand that you are a person just like them and they are more than likely to partner with you in your business and follow you throughout your business opportunities.

I bet you thought this message was going to be filled with a lot of hype and technical tools and gadgets that would all the sudden reveal the latest greatest thing that you need to purchase to be this ultimate pro.   NOT!! NOT!!! It is all about you.   Let me let you in on something that I have found to be helpful and doesn’t take a lot of money.  

Are you ready?? Self-development is the key.  I don’t care if it is reading a self-development book or listening to tapes, trust me it works.   You already are a pro; you just need to bring it out.    Who am I to tell you? What makes me an authority?  Plain and simple, I become an authority when I recognized in my life that there are certain weaknesses that I have so I took the time and still continue to take time on my inconsistencies. 

The moment, you as an individual take note of any barriers that may be preventing you from stepping up and moving forward then you are one enormous step above the rest.  With enough hard work and dedication on self-development it will truly make you a pro in your own rights.  Now ask yourself how pro do you really want to go? The ball is in your court and nobody can take it unless you allow them to.  Thanks for allowing me to give you my insights.

Best of Success!!

NaomiLivinmylife Thompson

Resources on Self Development

Also check out Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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The platinum package houses all sort of tools that enable you to do anything from prospecting to effective following and in and everything in between to promote your business while branding both yourself and your business.  

On the night of the launch the phone lines went crazy and people were not able to call in.  The server went completely out of control, making it impossible for others to enter the conference. You virtually had to walk on water and fly through air to get in and find out about this awesome offer.  Why?? Why?? This awesome little product not only has appeal but it has real value.  It is a product that people not only want but they understand that they need it to run their business effectively.  

There are other programs out there that imitate but can never duplicate what Better Web Builder has to offer.    I invite you to join Better Web Builder for FREE!! Yes I said FREE this is my gift to you and the gift that just keeps on giving.  Take a look into the awesome products, support, and free training Better Web Builder has to offer and you will be glad you did.  This is your call to action we can all make excuses but wouldn’t you rather find out how Better Web Builder’s Tools can help you to grow your primary business and make money??  If you are ready to either start making money or make more money than you have been, then follow the link .  

Best of Success!!

NaomiLivinmylife Thompson


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Temporarily Placed!!

People often wonder why they are being placed in what seems to be a very difficult situation, but it is it really?  Perhaps the money is not coming in; henceforth the bills are not being paid or they are not receiving the right medical attention.  Does this sound familiar? Are of these are deep situations in their own rights and it is understandable to be concerned.

Maybe you are in pursuit of happiness with building your business but it seems fare reaching.  You send out he emails, advertise both online and offline, quickly handing out business cards and flyers in an attempt to make great strides in building relationships in your business.   Still Nothing!!!
Slowly the door opens and by the Grace of God relationships are formed the money starts to come in but still you fall short of it being enough. 

What needs to be consider here is that door is now open but perhaps that in the beginning and even now God temporarily placed you in the quietness away from the crowd or the storms of life to prepare you for all the great things in your future that are to come.

Stand steadfast, stay focused, and continue to build relationships both personal and at a business level because what appears to be a house or a business of great pain God is already working it out and you have only temporarily been placed in this situation as a learning curve because there are things to be learned, however he is preparing your very own mansion of success.  “Nothing that comes to easy is worth having” Thanks for allowing me to shed some light in your day.

God Is An Awesome God!!
NaomiLivinmylife Thompson