Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Temporarily Placed!!

People often wonder why they are being placed in what seems to be a very difficult situation, but it is it really?  Perhaps the money is not coming in; henceforth the bills are not being paid or they are not receiving the right medical attention.  Does this sound familiar? Are of these are deep situations in their own rights and it is understandable to be concerned.

Maybe you are in pursuit of happiness with building your business but it seems fare reaching.  You send out he emails, advertise both online and offline, quickly handing out business cards and flyers in an attempt to make great strides in building relationships in your business.   Still Nothing!!!
Slowly the door opens and by the Grace of God relationships are formed the money starts to come in but still you fall short of it being enough. 

What needs to be consider here is that door is now open but perhaps that in the beginning and even now God temporarily placed you in the quietness away from the crowd or the storms of life to prepare you for all the great things in your future that are to come.

Stand steadfast, stay focused, and continue to build relationships both personal and at a business level because what appears to be a house or a business of great pain God is already working it out and you have only temporarily been placed in this situation as a learning curve because there are things to be learned, however he is preparing your very own mansion of success.  “Nothing that comes to easy is worth having” Thanks for allowing me to shed some light in your day.

God Is An Awesome God!!
NaomiLivinmylife Thompson

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